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Free Haven Institute for Science & Agriculture, Inc.




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FHISA, Inc. is a non-profit organization that allows youth to discover and interact with nature through educational programming focused on the intersection between science and agriculture. We are particularly interested in youth from underserved communities, as the fields of science and agriculture do not reflect the demographics of our society, which has led to a lack of diversity in those respective fields.


Free Haven Farms had always included an educational component. Through our partnerships with schools and hosting our own summer camps, we saw the need to create a separate nonprofit organization to focus on providing better access to the formative experiences that we've created on the farm. FHISA, Inc. will carry on the work on Free Haven Farms through the support of the Summer Science Camp and educational experiences throughout the year.

Your support and contributions will enable us to expand out programming. In these trying times, the need for quality educational experiences for youth is becoming increasingly evident. We are building partnerships with nearby schools and communities that will allow us to expand beyond the summer, in order to meet the need for the shift in the way our children will be learning now and in years to come. These funds will greatly improve our infrastructure and ability to meet the tasks at hand.

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